My Experience Using Clicky Web Analytics

Review: The Pro’s & Con’s of My Experience Using Clicky Web Analytics

 The Pro’s – Seeking to measure your written articles and blog posts are a crucial element to proper Internet marketing. I have come across an online service that provides real time analytics on most of my written blog post that I can deem accurate. My analysis consists of three factors with in the Clicky Analytical Online Software:

  1. Links Report – With this I can actually tell the page where the third party links is located rather than just the domain. This can also show me major holes in my site where visitors maybe using outbound links on my blog or website then leaving.
  2. 2.    Search Report – With this great benefit comes a very powerful search report that gives you real time data which shows you how users got on to the site, and also shows rankings for the keywords used from its sheer SEO grid. It enables me to track individual web users visiting my site on specific rank in terms and see the users journey from an single level.
  3. 3.    Actions – With Clicky I get a default metric that is called “action.” With this metric it will report to me any individual user activity on my blog or website, such as video views, downloads, or any clicks regarding outbound links. Compared to Google Analytics where you would need to individually tag PDF links with click event tracking which is very time consuming and a tedious process.(0) » Dashboard | Clicky 2013-06-16 15-13-53

Clicky’s price point is very reasonable and I have used the free version on my sites before bumping up to the paid subscription. With the free version, you can track only one site and receive only 3,000 page views in total. I bumped up to the Pro version because I exceeded my page views as more visitors landed on my pages. The Pro version which is great for start up sites and blogs you can track up to 10 sites and receive 30,000 daily page views for $9.99 per month or the best savings of $79.99 per yr. paid up front subscription. Going up the ladder you have Pro Plus, Pro Platinum, and Custom.

The Con’s – Using Clicky Web Analytics is that it does not enable you to customize your dashboard. You cannot track ecommerce sites accurately using Clicky. No tracking on revenue, product purchased, or average order value. If your using a platform called Magento eCommerce than you can track these elements through Clicky.

Also, a premium feature with Clicky that you can get free with Google Analytics includes goal tracking, advanced segmentation, email reports and a host more. These are apart of the premium package with Clicky that you pay for but get free with Google Analytics.

My Conclusion with Clicky Analytics

With my almost two years using the Clicky platform I must say that I am a happy subscriber overall. No complaints here, as a matter a fact I am happy to use anything that is not related or owned by Google. Google has gained a bad reputation and bad press with the situation in the infringement case against Safari privacy users. With is in mind you may be reluctant to even signup for a Google Analytics Account.

The privacy user agreement for Clicky is very upfront and does not pose a threat and I honestly see no concerns to users. Some of my peers were telling me that they have read some articles that Google Analytics is going to slap a fee on soon or in the near future. I’m not sure if it will be a premium version or what but I think that ridicules just because of the competition in the marketplace.

Before committing to Clicky do your due diligence and research the software online and make sure it is the right fit for your business, personal site or blog. Make sure it fits into your over all budget making sure Clicky is right for you. You will get a return on your investment using it but if all else fails you can use the trial version to see how the tool feels before getting into a monthly subscription. If I had to do it again I would not think twice about getting out of my Google Analytics Account to ban with Clicky Analytics instead.