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My name is Shawn Lazarus the man behind this blog. The things that interest me most are all located on this blog magazine for the purpose of knowledge and enlightenment in areas of business, e marketing, and world conspiracies. I know, why “Conspiracies¿?” Well, over the course of a decade or so I have been introduced to some information that blew my socks off and I felt it was my right and duty to share what ever it is that was trust worthy and true.

As you may well know that these are my views and opinions as I act alone and I am not affiliated with any group, society or coalition. Any information on this blog magazine either public or private is solely my own research and references. More on that later but my peak interest goes deep into book reviews, health & fitness, wellness, wealth building, e-business and product reviews. Please read, enjoy and share, do not hesitate to contact me if the need arises. I will respond to all email promptly.

I bid Peace and Blessings to all in Good Spirit and Energy.




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Disclaimer: This website is a review site. We understand that by serving our clients well and creating opportunities for economic growth, our own success will follow.

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