Home Office Suite

Workspace Inspiration – Home Office Suite

Here is a bit of inspiration for you unorganized workaholics in Whoville out there that spends countless hours in your work-spaces aka home office. I know I do and I enjoy closing the door and getting right to work on my laptop or desktop simultaneously there after. But organizing this area and keeping it organized is another task all to its self.

I have papers everywhere on my desk that I have left in the same area of the desk to get to at a later time and envelopes that I opened and place in the desk top draws or left somewhere visible on the desk to deal with sometime in the future, really I am so untidy in this area that I feel like goofing off. I am at times over whelmed with the way space looks after I finish working in my area that I have to look at it twice and shake my head saying to myself that I need to redo or reorganize my work area and make it less cluttering. For me, it would be a daunting task but someone has got to do it and it has to be me.

I have made plans to reorganize the place a little and eliminate the clutter for more efficient workflow, so I have created a short video of the present state of the workspace for viewing sake. Soon I will reorganize my workspace and create a follow-up video showing you my progress.


This is my old Home Office Space… lol… I will post an update soon…