Ayah Asher Ayah (I AM that I AM)



PSALM 23~ A Psalm Of David

Jack Otto giving one of his most famous talks concerning the start of the Khazar Warriors that converted to become JEWISH

Part 1 of The letter “J” by Yahweh Ben Yahweh

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2 Replies to “Ayah Asher Ayah (I AM that I AM)”

  1. These preachers are foxes in the desert….teaching from the new testament a Greek book full of confusion and lies mixed with some truths….The old testament is all truths written in Hebrew. The new testament is mostly Greek mythology written to confuse true Israelites and made for the gentiles (non Israelites ) who want to create a fake salvation for all peoples and nations… The TORAH means instructions for Israelites but the gentiles (non Hebrew Israelites) can learn from its pages and apply it to their daily life and learn from the example of the nation of Israelites not Jews…

  2. His sons name is ISRAEL not JC…for all those who know TRUTH when you read and comprehend it! Read TORAH [BASIC INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE LEAVING EARTH] THE LAW not NEW TESTAMENT. Trust me, truth is truth and IS-RAEL!