Wall Street: Did You Know That Your Birth Certificate is Traded Daily on the NYSE?

Some people may or may not believe this but you can look it up and test it out and proof us wrong. So this goes out to all the “COINCIDENCE THEORIST” which is the opposite of conspiracy theorist you know the brain dead unconscious people who think that all these things are just a funny “coincidence”…

Ok, so here goes YOUR/OUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS A SECURITY CERTIFICATE ON THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Order a new birth certificate should only cost you a few bucks and look at the bottom it will say “this is printed on security paper do not accept if not on full color security paper or something to that effect.

Then look at the right/left hand lower corner you will see a series of imprinted numbers in RED these numbers are a securities stock exchange number on the world stock exchange…goto any good stock office (or find an online company to look up your number) and ask them to look them up and see how much this stock is worth and they will check it on the New York Stock Exchange and find you your name because we are all worth money to the international bank that bought each and everyone of us.

A government issued birth certificate is issued with consent of one parent at the time of birth. The birth certificate is sent to a government agency, generally the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Here, another ‘birth certificate' – actually a financial instrument – is issued, this one spelling the name of the baby in all capital letters, creating a legal-entity or legal-entity (a corporate Trust with the Trade Name to which the newborn human being is the beneficiary).

If the name on the birth certificate were to represent the baby as a natural individual, it would be spelled with the appropriate upper and lower case lettering. For example, John Smith, not JOHN SMITH. The all-capitals spelling of the name creates a corporate fiction (the corporate Trust with the Trade Name), which the government can regulate and control under commercial rules / regulations and codes.

The human being assumes surety for this corporate Trust, and so when held liable under commercial code, the surety is held, unless disputed by a lawful Notice and Claim, and/or establishing your own lien on the corporate Trust (such as with a Security Agreement) and giving notice of the lien (as with a Financing Statement such as a UCC-1), though you first have to establish a lawful undisputed claim first to do this.

A little more detailed information…

When a child is born, the hospital generally sends the original, not a copy, of this record of live birth to the State Bureau of Vital Statistics, sometimes called the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS). Each STATE is required to supply the corporate UNITED STATES with birth, death, and health statistics. The STATE agency that receives the original record of live birth keeps it and then issues another Birth Certificate in a different form where the name of the baby is spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This creates a ‘legal person‘ as opposed to a natural individual.

The Birth Certificate issued by the State is then registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce – – the Executive Office – specifically through their own sub-agency, the U.S. Census Bureau, which is responsible to register vital statistics from all the states. Thus, the birth certificate is registered in international commerce. The word registered, as it is used in commercial law, does not mean that the ALL CAPITAL version of the name was “merely” noted or recorded in a book for future reference purposes. When a birth certificate is registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Treasury will issue a bond on the value of the birth certification. That bond is then made available for purchase on a securities exchange and is bought by the Federal Reserve Bank. This purchase then become the authority or collateral to issue Federal Reserve Notes, which we use as a medium of exchange.

The bond is held in trust for the Federal Reserve at the Depository Trust Corporation at 55 Water Street in New York City, about two blocks down the street from the Federal Reserve.

This process creates a burden in that the ALL-CAPITAL legal person named on the birth certificate has become a surety, or guarantor, a condition and obligation that is automatically and unwittingly assumed unless you rebut the presumption by effectively noticing government.

“Guarantor. Person who becomes secondarily liable for another's debt or performance… One who promises to answer for the debt, default or miscarriage of another.” – Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition From this it is easy to conclude that the baby is to assume the liability for any burden created or associated with the corporate Trust or trade name listed on the birth certificate.

From this it is easy to conclude that the baby is to assume the liability for any burden created or associated with the corporate Trust or Trade Name listed on the birth certificate.

This was all organized at the same time as United States Corporation declared bankruptcy i.e. {The Great Depression} and the Federal Reserve Corporation extended its jurisdiction…REAL TALK


The Birth Bond Certificate

The Truth About Your Bond – A Total Disgrace, This Is The Hard Truth

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7 Replies to “Wall Street: Did You Know That Your Birth Certificate is Traded Daily on the NYSE?”

    • Hey, your the best stay informed that’s how we win the war…thanx for reading the truth…

  1. What the hell are they going to do with it? Sell us as slaves to pay down the national debt?

  2. What? I read a guy construing ancillary definitions of words to mean something utterly absurd. In what universe is slavery being enacted by a birth certificate? This guy isn’t claiming that we’re enslaved by the modern emphasis on personal documents (this would be a legitimate point, if metaphorical) he’s actually claiming there’s a real threat for slavery.

    God Dam, this demeans the millions of people in places like Ghana who are actually real fucking slaves..

  3. You can’t exactly draw a loan on it, but you can use it to “set off” on your already existing unsecured debt.

    This “set off” is done against the future credit of the public – the same way new credit is loaned into existence.

    First read about the corporate Trust, and some more information on the Trust here:

    You can send a Notice and Claim establishing full control over this Trust as such a claim cannot be denied. Once you have a lawful claim on the Trust, you can create a Security Agreement (lien) between yourself and the Trust. As you are now the full lawful Trustor and Beneficiary of the Trust, you are the agent for the Trust and so you have full right to do this. Then file a Financing Statement (such as a UCC-1) to give notice of the lien.

    Feel free to follow the Winston Shrout material. He nicknames this corporate Trust a “Strawman”, although that is not the term used in law. The term used in law is Artificial Person, but he is talking about the same thing…