The Suzuki Hayabusa: Is It the Fastest Street Bike In The World?

BUSA02A machine that captivates the gaze.

I've long been fascinated by the Suzuki Hayabusa.  I think it will be only a short time until I own one.

Each trip to the dealer to check out this bike is like a pilgrimage to Mecca.  To those of us who saw the sportbike evolve over the last 15 years.  From the '86 GSXR750 to where we stand today, this bike is by far the pinnacle of progress.

When I look at it- it seems huge.  But once I'm riding, it feels like a toy.

The Hayabusa in, unlike anything I have ever ridden before.  It's more refined than my ZX-11.  When you rev the motor and accelerate off into the distance, it feels designed for this.  As if it's sole purpose were entrenched in allowing the ride to travel at any velocity in relative safety and ease.

I realize now the level of discipline and restraint it requires to own this bike.  Well, maybe I wouldn't call it restraint, but just plain discipline.  The whole package takes some readjusting as to what you might think of as normal.  You're headed down the freeway, the speedometer indicates 70 mph, yet it barely seems to have risen around its circular path.

One of the most interesting things I ever read about the Hayabusa is instead of pulling wheelies when you grab a fistful of throttle, Ray-Price-Motorsports-Expo_2014_Lemuel-Maynard_2012.Hayabusainstead, the bike will rocket forward and slowly pull the front tire off the ground.

When you sit on this bike, it has a wondrous feel that occurs when your hands contact the handlebars.  It's a tingle that flows through your wrists, arms, shoulders and causes a sensation of warmth to flow across your chest. Torque and Horsepower is a very wonderful thing.