Hayabusa Reverse Trike – TT-Busa

hayabusa-trikeThe Hayabusa is probably one of the most modified and customized motorcycles ever produced, sooner or later, if it's been done to any bike, it will eventually be done to a Hayabusa. So, I wasn't too surprised when I saw this, but I have to think it could get a little interesting in high speed turns.

This trike, called the TT-Busa, does not appear to lean, it's sort of a Can-Am Spyder on steroids. They installed an extended swing arm with a 300 rear tire and custom built the 2 wheel front end.

The obvious question in my mind, if you're not going to lean, why not put larger automotive tires on the front, or the rear, too?

This one is for sale, asking $34,999 and they'll build one for you too. Hmm, …. Interesting.

The TT-Busa is simply a modified Suzuki Hayabusa. Coming with an extended swinger and a custom dual-wheel front, this trike is the first and only one in the list that resembles a motorcycle more than a car. Considered the fastest motorcycle in the world, the two-wheel Hayabusa can hit top speeds of 186 mph.

hayabusa-trike2asking $34,999, but get the discount…you can only ride in the summer if you live in New York, NY

 Custom TT-Busa

Tricked Out Custom Cycles

  (215) 674-4340
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