Modded 612 hp Bentley Continental GT on the track


This 2010 Bentley Continental GT  Custom is hiding something. What it's hiding is almost 100 hp over its stock 552 thanks to the installation of a GIAC chip. We spent the day with this luxury 2+2 at Willow Springs Raceway and found it to be fast, refined, and worth every penny. Sell your house.

Buy a Continental GT.

There are many ways the Bentley Continental GT Super Sports is appalling.

It is the test, of course: $ 274,000 + custom modifications of course, in the tune of an additional $150k + Ouch!

There is the fact that when you roll down the windows and turn the mega intact system, traffic helicopters falling from the sky. OK, way to go 007!

There is an absolutely unavoidable truth that in the interest of the extraction of a gross of 241 lbs from the car, engineers have removed beautiful Bentley Continental GT's front of the post and replaced by vicious Sparco carbon-fiber racing seats that feel like you resting in the jaws of a wrench upholstered semi-lune. Other weight-saving measures include a back-seat (ectomy space behind the front seats is a shipload bank deposited with diamond-quilt Alcantara, carbon fiber and across transects the shack), 16.5-inch carbon-ceramic brakes instead of steel brakes and new ultra-simplified, ultra-large 20-inch alloy wheels and specially developed tires. It's one of the best in the business.

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