How to become an artist manager – Music Education

Street Level Network spoke exclusively to Jonathan Shalit about how to get into the music industry… Jonathan Shalit has a remarkable personal reputation as an innovative manager of talent and their ideas. Following a successful career in marketing working with globally recognised brands, Jonathan has worked with literally some of the worlds biggest stars whether it be recording their music or guiding their careers in television or music and even both.

A quick look at the software that comes with Denon DN-S 3700 to help organize and set up your tracks.

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22 Replies to “How to become an artist manager – Music Education”

  1. what if you got a mp3 library of 24000 songs? that would take ages, there’s probably a tool that could do that… but that sucks that Denon’s software won’t accept it. I use Virtual DJ also and it takes all the tags no problem, it also shows the wave form for each track.

  2. I love my Denon 3700’s but one has started to freeze on me…..I will load a song…push play and it will only play for like 3 seconds. It does it with cds and external hard or thumb drives. All I do is turn it off -wait a second and turn it back on and everything is fine….its the fact that it does it that bothers me. Have you had any such problems?

  3. If I hooked up a Denon DN-X1700 to the laptop computer, can I run the music files off there? I have 2 DN-S3700 and 1 DN-X1700 mixer.

  4. Cant believe this guy managed Charlotte Church and now NDubz…. What great advice though!

  5. We really enjoyed interviewing him…. He has had a lot of success and looked after some major acts from all over the world…. His advice for young people is inspiring….

  6. You will have to contact him direct, at Shalit Global, we are uploading another video where he offers advice to getting in touch with him..

  7. I’d love to get in touch with this man. I’m interested in becoming a music manager for UK-based urban acts and would really appreciate some guidance/insight that he has to offer to me.

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