CHRISTMAS The WORSHIP of the image of the BEAST

Merry Christmas simply means:

The mass of Christ or Mary and Christ Mass. Don't be fooled, this is a fact. Mass means: To gather together AND WORSHIP the Beast, fact.

This site has been written to address the controversy of compulsory Christmas law that has been called for by FOX NEWS and much of the Religious-Reich in America.  Much of this demand has been on the basis of two arguments; Americanism and Christianity.  While the contents of this site will contain important information for all Americans concerned about this issue whether they be traditional monotheists, Jewish, Christian or Muslim, or even alternative belief systems, including Atheist, Agnostic, Primitive, Pagan and Neo-pagan.  Anyone who believes in preserving America's freedom from religious compulsion in America will find much information herein useful.  But because the core of the argument by the Religious-Reich has been their Monopoly claim on Christianity, and American history, it will be at these two points much of the information on this site will be focused, demonstrating that compulsory Christmas laws are neither, and exposing the danger, from both of these perspectives, mandatory and compulsory Christmas laws pose to all Americans, or global citizens within any country.

Because many of the leadership of the Religious-Reich in America are the self-proclaimed Protestant or Evangelical tradition, which they are in fact, in full betrayal of, in their jihad for compulsory Christmas law, historical arguments from the Christian Scriptures concerning this subject will be examined in depth.  This is not meant in any way to minimize the importance of other religions or belief systems which are threatened by such laws of compulsion, and some of these arguments will be found to be disagreeable from these perspectives, obviously because they ARE different perspectives.  The ultimate purpose however in making these disagreeable arguments, is to win freedom for all, which is the promise of America's original founding fathers, who were here to escape Christmas, not force an entire country of free and diverse views, to offer its worship through legal compulsion and unethical and immoral persecution.

Any and all feedback is appreciated, will be treated respectfully, and will be considered as fairly as possible.  Many suggestions have already been incorporated and will continue to be incorporated into this site as is possible. THE CHRISTMAS LIE IS BIGGER THAN YOU THINK: read more … The Truth About X-MAS: read more

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