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About Shawn Lazarus

Also known as Tutt Lazarus 007... A damn fine man, friend, and nobleman of the community. Ultimate fighting championship contestant with street credibility. He's a member of the Save the GirlZ Foundation. This is the man who controls the black market on baby seal pelts and a member of the “probably ya’ grand daddy's” organization. He is master of... Lazarus Enterprises Group, and other conglomerates and subsidiaries… CURATOR and leader of an elite group of men and women with the fastest MINDZ the world have ever witnessed. Consider yourself blessed to read his posts and articles. The above is not a joke, and definitely not a play on his intellect. Please don’t take it negatively, he is a Nobleman, Global Citizen and Leader of the Rebellion... XOXOXO ☠️

Workspace Inspiration – Home Office Suite


Here is a bit of inspiration for you unorganized workaholics in who Ville out there that spends countless hours in your work-spaces aka home office. I know I do and I enjoy closing the door and getting right to work on my laptop or desktop simultaneously there after. But organizing this area and keeping it organized is another task all to its self. Continue reading Workspace Inspiration – Home Office Suite