Shawn Lazarus

About Shawn Lazarus

Shawn Lazarus is the founder of Lazarus Enterprises Group and head of Strategy at Apex Marketing Pro, a leading digital marketing firm. We have developed a system to help small businesses and local companies connect with potential clients and customers who truly need their goods and services which will in-turn increase the company’s bottom-line profits with a lot more ease. We do this through utilizing Gorilla marketing tactics and technology to measure return on investment. To schedule a free 30-minute Marketing Tune-up, please call 1-888-256-4202

Successful Entrepreneurship Starts With Solving a Problem Fast


Every great innovation we’ve seen has not necessarily been because the inventor or entrepreneur had a great idea. It’s because they saw an opportunity in the market, identified a problem and were uniquely positioned to solve that problem. Continue ReadingSuccessful Entrepreneurship Starts With Solving a Problem Fast