Nebraska Husker Chopper

(PRWEB) August 15, 2005

Pooch’s Custom & Theme Cycles is building a totally custom chopper (motorcycle) commemorating the Nebraska Cornhuskers Championship years.

My company has been approved by the University of Nebraska to build one totally custom chopper. We visited the University nine months ago with our ideas and are now in the finishing stages of building the Husker Chopper.

After completing all stages for the Collegiate Licensing Company and eight months of hard work, we are now officially (for now) the only ones in the country who have ever been licensed to do this type of project for any University.

The sale of this motorcycle will benefit the University Of Nebraska Athletic Department. We can e-mail pictures of this bike while in the finishing stages, or view updates of progress on my website (Website is continually changing).

This bike is scheduled to be shown at the September 3rd opening game day at the Husker Nation Pavilion. Updates of other locations will be listed on our website as the bike will also be shown around the State of Nebraska.

To ensure this will be one of a kind bike, we have designed and custom machined many of the parts. We own the rights to these parts and the paint job as well, so there will not be another bike like this ever.

Any questions that you may have would be welcomed and I would be pleased to speak to you at more length about this project. You may contact me at my place of business.


David Prochello

Owner, Siouxland Collision DBA/ Pooch’s Custom & Theme Cycles

All contact phone numbers are as follows:

Cell: 712-204-9442

Office: 402-494-5888

Go out and make it a great day!

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