Week Four Blog Post

Week Four: Blog Content Assignment

In this course I have learned some specific development strategies in content creation that I have over looked and not taken into considered before. One of the specifics is in the headline creation. Even though we may write a headline that may reflect the body of the content we write about, it may not always reflect the headline to catch the attention of the reader. So in this course I made it a point to pay close attention to the headline of my content and to make sure it reflects the body of the contents story.

The other specifics in content creation is to create a good foundation for success to attract customers to my offers and build a relationship with customers by setting goals to measure performance to reach a marketing and business goal in mind. With that said, I have learned a usable skill that can forward me as a proficient Internet marketer.

Social media channels have provided Internet marketers like myself with a bridge to promote offers and stay connected with customers more effectively than ever before. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest are my favorites when it comes to social media channels for marketing. I use these channels because its convenient and the message gets sent directly to my followers fast, with a link back to my offers. The key is to have engaging followers on your social media channels that you can make customers. Just because they follow you does not mean they will buy but the chances are there that they will receive your offer and make a purchase if it interests them and the timing is right.

Please Note: The number one skill of a marketer is to inform, engage and sell information that will convert prospects to customers.

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