The Big Web Show on The Innovations in Web Design

The Innovations in Web Design


My discussion is based off of the interview with Greg Storey and the host Jeffery Zeldman of The Big Web Show, episode 88. Released on April 11, 2013, 54 min. Podcast.

The guest Greg Storey is a web designer and blogger in the industry for 18 years. He speaks about editorial design and how it has evolved over time. His companies HappyCog and AirBag are web design companies that designs websites. Some of his notable clients are, MTV, Einstein Healthcare Network and Books-A-Million. His focus is cutting edge web design concepts and content driven sites for web users to experience a cut above the rest in the industry.

He talks about his work force and how they started in the early days where his designers were virtually remote in different areas working out of their house and how he and his partner now has everyone in-house in the office now working on projects for some of the most distinguished clients designing sites. He explains that working remotely is more harder and it requires more time than everyone being under the same roof working on projects. He has offices Austin Texas, Philadelphia, Pa. and New York City working together.

He explains how a RSS feed from the push of a button can fill a pre-fab template with web content and how this technology from: Packager developed by Ben Brown, their website is: Their technology from a RSS feed can also create books, magazines and newsletters on the fly. Awesome!

He is writing a book on web design on finding your first job in a web design career and explaining what one needs to do to prepare on what your focus should be in the industry of web design.


— Shawn

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