Prosperity Pimps – Part 1

Greed and prosperity teaching condemned by Donnie Swaggart telling the truth. A call to repentance to all who are ensnared by the teaching of the greed/prosperity gospel. Donnie Swaggart Ministries is a ministry ordained by God for the Body of Christ. His message of Faith, Hope, and the Power of the Holy Spirit has been a blessing to churches, Conferences, youth camps, and Campmeetings around the world. Donnie's ministry gift is his powerful preaching and teaching on the Person of the Holy Spirit. Through his anointed preaching, thousands around the world have been baptized with the Holy Spirit, with as many as 300-400 being filled in one service. Donnie also functions as co-pastor of Family Worship Center along with his father, Reverend Jimmy Swaggart. TAGS: Joel Olsteen Rick Joyner Kenneth Hagin Paul Keith Davis White Dove Ministries John Paul Jackson Streams Ministries Awe Magazine Joyce Meyer Streams Ministries John Paul Jackson Spiritual Abuse Pinnacle Prophet Profit Intern Bully AWE WebTV Salem Outreach Streams Academy XStreamYouthMinistry Reaching Your Destiny Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit Association of Bridge Churches Storms, Faith and the Miraculous! Breaking Strongholds in Your Life Institute for Spiritual Development Christian Center of Shreveport 207 Idema Shreveport La 71106 (318) 688-9250 TAGS: Hinn University Streams Ministries John Paul Jackson Xtreme Bully Actor

Shawn Lazarus

About Shawn Lazarus

Also known as, Tutt Lazarus 007, a damn fine person, friend and nobleman of the community, Ultimate Fighting Championship Contestant and Street General, member of the Save the GirlsZ Foundation, the man who controls the black market on baby seal pelts and a member of the “probably ya’ grand daddy's” foundation. Master of: Lazarus Enterprises Group, and other conglomerates and subsidiaries… Creator of an elite group of the fastest MINDZ the world have ever witnessed. Consider yourself blessed to read this blog. The above is not a joke and definitely not a play on his intellect. Please don’t take it negatively, he is a gentleman and global citizen.
  • I think Donnie has been divorced multiple times now, and there he is telling others how to live a successful life. He should date multiple divorced Paula White who also tells people how to live a successful life. I’ll ask atheists for advice, they divorce at far lower rates than the born-again fundamentalists.

  • This man is a prosperity pimp himself. He is just talking trash about his competition. He speaks the gibberish called “tongues.” He’s a blasphemer and thus the LORD has removed his hand of protection, the demons moved in, confused him and he now possesses a reprobate mind. Anyone who speaks the gibberish called “tongues” has a reprobate mind and God has completed His last judgment on that person. They are the walking dead as they will NEVER see eternal life.

  • jimene777

    @makemarker You can’t see Love, Wind, History or that you have a Brain. So if you can’t see love, can you prove it’s there? You can’t see the wind; does it mean it does not exist? You have not seen history; so how can you prove it? You can’t see or feel your brain; so you don’t believe you have one?? Just because we can’t see something does not mean it’s not there or exists!!! same thing with God! His word (The Bible) is his Proof because it has never been refuted, ever!!

  • @valereydyachuk If you speak in tounges you are a blasphemer?? Do you have scripture for this?? Any one who speaks in tounges is of a reprobate mind?? What is the sriptual evidence for this acusation or comment?? They are the walking dead?? I think I would be carefull in insulting the Holy Spirit if you dont have any scriptual evidence on your comments.

  • LisaRenaye

    Like father like son always condeming others when they getting hookers after the service. Forgive me Lord but this family has been extremely hypocritical every since I can remember. And how many fine automobiles does HE have?

  • 1339girlisback

    hmm the hypocrisy of the Pharisee’s is alive and well in the
    21st century. =l

  • Jesse only drives volvos 🙂

  • was he drunk?

  • Freethinking2010

    Another religious fraud and lunatic.

  • Albtraumen

    What a schmuck.

  • buzzobug

    @jimene777 , tell me where do you see in scripture where “tongues” has been done away with? or are you twist scripture?

  • jimene777

    @buzzobug Hey Buzz!! Go back to my comments and read the whole thing again. Also look to see who it is aim at. For your info I’m a spirit filled Christian who believes in speaking in tongues.

  • TheEmekizzrob

    wow christian are so brainwashed!

  • jrh2004

    what is donnie talking about he come from a rich family if u watch he dad station they ask for money all the time. and they drive nice cars

  • So after all of his rants and raves does he coerce his church into tithing to the church with threats of being cursed by God if you don’t adhere?

  • manofgod30

    damn he looks like kim jong slightly in the face

  • Listen Man of God .. you are right .. BUT your church is HUGE. You don’t think I FOOLED to think you yourself aren’t rich?? I KNOW you are and man of God, I know about men like you, you are RICH and have HUGE house but as long as you point fingers at other preachers you hoping everyone would take your eyes off of you. Well nice try but I’m not so easily tricked.

  • davidbrucemusicvideo

    Isn’t this special. Another screaming, yelling preacher preaching against prosperity, while wearing a $1500 suit, and he’s screaming a word curse on his brothers when he repeatedly declares, “Shame on you!”

    He needs to start teaching this;

    1 Tim 4:9-11
    This is a TRUSTWORTHY saying that deserves FULL ACCEPTANCE (& for this we labor & strive), that we have put our HOPE in the living God, who is the Savior OF ALL MEN, AND especially of those who believe. COMMAND and TEACH THESE things.

  • perfectochico

    That last scene was a lame show!! LOL

  • As long as he preaches the saving grace of Jesus Christ, as long as he preaches out against sin, as long as he preaches thus saith the lord, as long as he preaches that Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life, then I’ll listen to him. There’s nothing wrong with having money but its the love of money that causes it to be a sin…..

  • Donnie , if your gonna preach against perosperiy preachers , then you need to take off your own BLING …. the gold rings , wrist braclets , and yeh the $1500 suits cause our makinig yoursef look as guilty as what your preaching against …. that’s why ppl diss you like thy do …. like the pot callin the kettle black …