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Fashion Show Bugger Gaga | Cartier Round Diabolo Lunettes

Another candid from last week. From Boston. Gaga with a lucky fan “introducing” another new member of her vintage frames collection.

This time she made us travel back (like many times before) to the last century.

Please meet Round Diabolo Lunettes from the extremely extensive eyewear line by Cartier.

One of the most refined designs in Cartier history. Very rare and sought-after piece.

When not worn in the sun, the photochromic lenses retain light tint which makes it possible to wear Cartier sunglasses all the times (they must, first of all, be exposed to the sun several times before the normal speed of darkening is attained).

Noir, gold and silver. What. An. Exquisite. Beauty.

Shawn Lazarus

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